Fly through the air with penguin


  • Simple gameplay
  • Addictive


  • Can get repetitive
  • No variation in levels


Penguin contains the simplest game mechanic and transforms it into an addictive game.

Like many casual games for mobile, it requires one simple gameplay element to create a hugely addictive title.

Penguin is a side-scrolling puzzle title. The goal of Penguin is to use the varying slopes to launch Penguin in the air as far as possible.

Penguin’s mechanic of one press to dive, while in the air or to gain speed on downslopes , is all the game requires of the user. The distance that Penguin travels is the score for that session. Penguin contains a rechargeable timer designated by the airtime that the user can get. Longer airtime refills the timer bar while staying on the ground quickly reduces the time left.

The levels seamlessly load from one to another, but are just background changes that do not affect how Penguin traverses the levels. Penguin’s terrain plays a big part in how far the user is able to go, proper timing can lead to many seconds arcing through the sky. In later levels, the timer decreases much more rapidly and watching the terrain is very important.

Since Penguin does not contain true separated levels, users will spend a lot of time replaying earlier levels to get to the sections that cause them trouble before. It would be nice to have a quick save function so certain sections can be attempted again without starting at the beginning all over again.

Penguin is a great casual puzzle game. It is simple to play for any user and quickly becomes an addictive pursuit of longer distances.

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